Commercial Demolition Geelong – GMHBA

Posted on August 27, 2020 in News

GMHBA the newest commercial demolition in Geelong

With the ever changing landscape of Geelong as we know it. Perry demolition was excited to be a part of one of the newest developments to hit Geelong. If you haven’t yet read about it I’m talking about the new GMHBA building set to grace Geelong as one of the newest developments.

Long before any building can get underway, a site needs to be cleared out before the builders can start with a blank canvas. This is when they call on the Perry Demolition experts. Our teams of highly skilled and trained demo guys go into full swing. This was an exciting project for the guys at Perry Demolition.  With 4 existing buildings needing to be removed before any other works can get started.

Of course, we all love the pictures of a building crashing down. Check out our time lapse video.  But this is not where it all starts. Weeks of painstaking preparation needs to go into bringing down 4 buildings. Making sure all of the services are disconnected, engineering reports are done, demolition plans, traffic management etc. There is a lot of things involved in bringing down buildings of this magnitude safely and that’s were our office staff and outsourced experts come in, engineers, cable locators, electricians, plumbers etc. all must be called upon for their talents. Including Worksafe and Master Builders consultants to provide the utmost safety to our guys and the public around the site.

After all the prep has been done this is when our demo guys get into action. With 4 buildings to remove they started on 80 Moorabool St. Most of this building was demolished by hand. Yes believe it!  they still do some of the demolitions the old school way, with the addition of a few electric saws of course.

Now for the big one……..the 4 storeys at 76 Moorabool St. That’s what we were all waiting for!!!   Bringing down the 4 storey is what demolition is all about. I mean really these guys not only have talent and skills but can you imagine the heights these guys are working at while demolishing things. Perry Demolition workers are all highly trained and use all the correct safety precautions, but seriously would you get up there? I wouldn’t that’s for sure. This time-lapse was courtesy of  quintessential who called in the pros.

Some of the dilemmas the guys face with each demolition in older buildings, is the structural integrity of a building to bring it down safely.  A brief shut down was ordered to address some unexpected structural changes. Not all buildings are built the same and what we expect to find doesn’t always go according to plan.  That’s where the talented engineers come in and give us advice. We are often mid way through a demolition and need to address safety issues and call upon some of Geelong’s best experts, often propping and even building temporary structures to ensure the public and workers are kept safe.  This building was no exception. Working alongside the council, engineers and WorkSafe we got back on track in no time and completed the demolition safely.

Then it was onto the clean up. Perry demolition guys strive to leave a site in the best condition possible so the builders can come in and get going as soon as possible. With recycling a must for Perry Demolition, Steel, Concrete and bricks are all separated before being sent to the recycle plants.

From start to finish GMHBA was one of the most exciting projects Perry Demolition has got to be a part of changing the shape of Geelong as we know it.   We cant wait to see the next stages as Quintessential takes over and creates the new building.