Commercial Demolition Geelong, Barwon Water Depot

Posted on August 14, 2019 in News

Watch the video as one of the second storey buildings comes down.

This site has seen some interesting history and Barwon Waters ownership dates back until 1952. Like a lot of Geelong history, the site itself has been an industrial site dating back until at least the 1940’s. It has seen a range of different uses including a butter company, iron foundry, woodyard, wool waste business, cartage contractor and a boat builder. It currently sits as a commercial demolition site awaiting its next intended future.

Before any new building works happen at the former Barwon Water Depot site situated at 40-44 Lonsdale Street Geelong the old buildings need to be demolished. The guys at Perry Demolition have been working hard to make this happen. Proudly providing Geelong demolition services since 2013.

Perry demolition had been contracted to do the commercial demolition works which have been conducted over several weeks at the Geelong site. As all demolition works, there are several trades and services involved to make a project of this size happen, bringing together trades across Geelong.  Each building was internally stripped before the demolition was conducted, using a team of demolition excavators, bobcats and highly skilled demolition workers to safely bringing down one building at a time.

While further demolition works will continue to prepare the site for future uses, the buildings as we know and remember them have all been demolished.

Recycling is a big part of what we strive for at Perry Demolition and Perry’s guys have worked hard at making sure that all waste that can be is recycled including aluminium, concrete and bricks are all a part of the recycling that goes to their respective recycling centres in and around the Geelong community.

During the demolition we got some great footage from the new drone (remember we are demolition experts, not drone experts) and some great pics of the demolition process in action.