A Geelong demolition long overdue. THE RITZ !!

Posted on August 2, 2019 in News

The Ritz was one of Geelong’s Iconic buildings, but recently it has had a long and bothersome history of being one of Geelong’s biggest eyesores. Works on this iconic part of Geelong’s history has not been without controversy. The Ritz has been considered one of the most notorious commercial buildings of Geelong’s history and the public has been very vocal in the need for its development. This was once one of Geelong’s most glamorous hotels and has since become a place known to be frequented by squatters and vandals. The building had been fenced off due to safety concerns for some time now. The building was sold in 2017 and approval for a new development has allowed works to begin.

Last week seen Perry Demolition get started on the complex, but very necessary demolition of this Geelong building. The facade of the building is heritage listed and will be incorporated into the new building plans. Perry’s job is to safely demolish the remaining parts of the building with as little impact to the facade as possible. Due to the age and dilapidated state of the building Perry’s have worked closely alongside engineers throughout the whole process. The demolition of this Geelong icon is currently still underway, check out Perry Demolitions Facebook  page and  Instagram for updated photos as this demolition continues.