Emergency make safe call-out for North Geelong fire

Posted on September 7, 2016 in News

Perry Demolition was recently called to an emergency make safe job in North Geelong. A mannequin factory caught fire, causing extensive damage and threatening building collapse.

Our make safe services team of five was called in to remove extremely damaged concrete tilt panels and control contaminated water waste, preventing flow through to storm water drainage.

The contents of the factory, including resins, paint and thinners contributed to the extreme heat damage.

With the building at high risk of collapsing, Perry Demolition carried work out using heavy-duty machines, including excavators, boom lifts, oxy cutting, bobcats, semi and hook trucks. We recycled all metal and concrete debris, while burnt waste was delivered to a licensed landfill.

It took our make safe services team four days to complete the project and secure the building.

Please contact us to find out more about our emergency call-outs, available 24-hours.